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Thread: Need Help! PLEASE

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiNkZoR View Post
    I see no error?
    The link was broken before you fixed it

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    Take your 360 apart,take xclamps off and then put new thermal paste on cpu/gpu,put xclamps back on,put 360 back together and it should then work ok.If when you first turn it back on it still has red rings,leave it running for a few mins for it to heat up,then turn it off and leave for 10 mins,then turn back on and hopefully then it should be ok.

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    DONT USE THE TOWEL TRICK!!!!!!!!!! I've worked on 6 360's and that is NOT a good option.. the best way I found other than purchasing a reflow/reball station was at fred meyers it was a butane soldering iron/heat knife/ that had a pen point hot air attachment. it was like $35 or something.. do the Proper x-clamp fix but reflow the GPU and cpu applying light pressure as you heat and the solder melts. keep pressure until it sets.. dont for get to reflow the smaller chips around the gpu/cpu also as they CAN have breaks in the solder.. after reflow you can apply the "X-clamp fix"

    DO NOT use a heat gun either.. it just fries everything around the gpu/cpu..

    Did I come off like a jerk?? Read more here


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