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Thread: XBOX 360 and 360 slim JAILBREAK ON A USB STICK

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    It was most likely the Jtag hack but if it was shown on a slim then it is most likely the no-jtag profile hack where profiles that have downloaded DLC content have been modified so many users can sign in on them. the content and profiles are then shared so that other people can load the DLC via usb.

    There is no Jtag hack for the slim, it was patched way before the console was even released.

    Quote Originally Posted by crazycastle View Post
    This is most deffinately FAKE

    There is no jtagg hack for the 360
    Er, yes there is.

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    As already said,this is just a jtag hack,theres is no jailbreak for any 360,and as said it needs to be done on consoles with an old blade dash like 6717 dash,nothing above 7xxx dash will tag,and then even refurbs of those might not,there ain't many about any more,and its very unliklely there will ever be a tagged slim 360.

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    Thread closed. As Skagg says it looks likes it would only be possible if it had an older dash and he is the second person to say that so I am going towards the fact that it is FAKE.......

    On another note flashing the 2205 drive will hopefully be possible soon and yes you will have to take the beast apart.... But im assuming they wont release this with this new security and dash update impending.

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