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Thread: Having problems loading backups after trying NSMB.

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    Ok so you're trying to rip a burned disc with the wode... Well that won't work. You can create a new iso in your pc from the burned DVD if your original is in bad shape and drag/drop it over to the ISO directory of your hdd.

    Now from what I've seen on some old wii's that the laser can be the cause of some if these errors, if it's not picking up the backup well but picks the original up fine.
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    Sorry for the slow response. I actually posted a nice, long-winded response yesterday from my laptop and 3G modem but after I hit reply wiihacks said my session had timed out... I didn't feel like going through it all again just then!

    Yeah, an old Englishman taught me the word 'grock' years ago; I liked it so much it stuck with me, but I rarely get to use it in casual conversation so I was happy to throw it out there in this case!

    As for piracy, I apologize, I didn't mean to imply piracy as being acceptabie, I was highlighting that I was working with multiple iso's so we didn't get stuck on thinking one was corrupt. I actually own every game for which I have an iso, just with 4 young kids, they've become little more than drink coasters over the years, so I've obtained iso's from various sources over the years so I could continue to play those games.

    Also, when I said that the WODE was purported to be a modchip, I guess that was my misunderstanding. Between reading the disclaimer on the WODE Jukebox home page and reading reviews where WODE is listed with other modchips I made the assumption that WODE is considered a modchip and thus assumed some things regarding it's operation.

    So, I thought (perhaps still think) I was making some progress on the whole iso/WODE thing. When I first posted, to your question about seeing the drive, I was using an SD card formatted in NTFS. I used the WODE ripping feature to rip a game to it and it worked fine. I then copied one of the iso's I have to it and the WODE wouldn't see it, probably becuase it's not a 1:1 copy. The test iso on the SD card also works fine.

    Next, I took a thumb drive and used WBFS Manager to format it as a WBFS volume and then covert two of the afore mentioned iso images onto the drive. Plugged that into the WODE and they worked fine. I could list the games and mount them up to play them. Sweet! I then went into the ripping function of the WODE to rip the same original disk as I did to the NTFS formatted drive. It was here I found that the WODE could not find any R/W drives; I suspect this may be that I didn't select .wbfs as the target format. I'll check that when I get home this evening.

    So... I'm closer and I think I'm getting it. The evenutal dream goal is to configure the WODE to access a WBFS partition off a windows machine on my network via wifi and also have a USB drive with several games on it so I can take the wii on the road with me. I doubt I'll be able to get windows to share the WBFS partition, but hey, it's the dream.

    My spec's are:

    Wii Console Region: NTSC
    Wii System Menu Version: 4.2u
    Approx Age of Wii:4 years
    Wii Dvd Drive Model: D2C
    Any Softmods Installed: None

    Wode Firmware Version: 2.5b
    Wode FPGA Version: 2.00
    Wode HW Version: 1
    Wode Menu Settings: Not sure what we're looking for here...

    ISO's / MEDIA
    .iso or .wbfs: either
    Make of Hard Drive (note how it is powered) or SD Card: Transcend SD card, Kingston thumbdrive
    Number/Size of partitions and format of each on your HD or SD Card and if any have worked / been recognized in the past.

    FLAT MODE (physical disks)
    backup or original: both
    DVD drive type: D2C
    Media type (manufacturer, +/-R): Verbatim

    Spyman - when you say I can create a new iso from the burned DVD's; wouldn't that simply create an iso identical to the iso I used to create the backup disk? I have that iso, but I believe it's been decrypted and that's why the WODE doesn't like it?

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    No stress mate.

    Let me clear a few things up that you have not quite got your head around.

    First disc format. WBFS is a waste of time on a WODE as a disc format. As a game format it is great. You can use Wiibackupmanager to convert your ISO games to WBFS game format to ANY hard drive format. I stick with NTFS because it is the most simple for me to use. DO NOT BOTHER formatting a part of your hard drive to WBFS it is a useless exercise.

    No Wii will read a RW disc as far as I know.

    As to creating an ISO - I am not convinced that your back-up games or the games that you downloaded for testing purposes are at fault here. Just use Wiibackupmanager to have a look at them and transfer them to a NTFS portable hard drive. Make sure you have a folder called ISO/iso either caps or small letters depending what works for you.

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