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Thread: Questions About Wode Ripping

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    Questions About Wode Ripping

    I currently have a Wii with a DriveKey and 3.4 firmware. I am interested in the Wode. Am I correct in saying that with the Wode I can backup my original game disks to .ISO images on an external harddrive, then create backup disks using a program like IMGBURN? Also, I am not too educated on the whole firmware thing. Is there any reason to update my firmware? I plan on using both NTSC & PAL backups.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You can rip your game discs with firmware 2.4A, to NTFS and save as a full ISO.
    The wode will stop your wii updating, so you can stay on the firmware of your choice.
    You can burn discs whether they are Pal or NTSC, with image burn

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    The thing to understand with the WODE is that you can rip your original discs to many formats. ISO is of course one of them. But quite a few people, myself included, find it is much more useful to rip to a NTFS hard drive using the wbfs game format. That provides me the best of both worlds. I have my game on my every day PC drive format (NTFS) and in the smallest game format.

    Win Win as far as I can see.

    With the WODE there is no need what so ever to make back up copies of any games on a DVD. Why bother. You have the original and the ripped version. And since we play all our games via a hard drive - either connected to the WODE or via wifi on my PC. I just do not see the point in having another hard copy around.
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