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Thread: Is WODE compitable with ALL GAMES???

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    Is WODE compitable with ALL GAMES???

    Is WODE compitable with ALL GAMES???
    I mean we dont need to update ios,cios,etc to play newer games
    Answer really appreciated

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    The Wode is compatible with all owned original games. You can also rip them to HDD using the wode software.
    Some people keep there Wii's upto date by updating on line, something a softmodder would not do.
    You can also use a particular disc to update.

    If you have a D3-2 drive you will not be able to play backups, only original and off the HDD.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.
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    That is a very well thought out answer WiiJohn

    Just to expand on one point.

    When new games are released, some of those new games do require that an IOS specific to that game to be installed. I stress some games and not all new games. Think of an IOS like a operating system. And each Wii game when loaded (either with the disc or via a hard drive) looks for the right IOS (operating system) to play. That is why occasionally a new game will require it's own operating system to play. If you own the disc the IOS (operating sytem) is included on its own partition of the disc.

    The WODE does not alter the firmware or IOS structure of a Wii in any way. Therefore the WODE is compatible with all original games.
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