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Thread: WODE and Error 002

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    I have a wode and I am getting the 002 error message when trying to play guitar hero 5. I looked up how to fix it and attempted to do so but failed.

    "Error 002 means that your wii is missing IOS38, IOS53, IOS55. Simply download, unzip and install via wad manager. Get Them Here:" - ShadowSonic2 by Demo777.

    I can't even put the wode in flat wode mode and play the game from the actual disc. Any thoughts?

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    When you say that you can not put the game into flat mode. What do you mean by that? Flat mode is independent of which game you are trying to play.

    It might be a good idea if you were to post all your WODE settings, what version your Wii firmware is and what region the game is. Oh and if you have a copy that included the update partition.

    I would suggest you read the tutorial I posted HERE and allow Gecko to install the IOS that are required.
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