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Thread: Install wads with only HBC

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    Install wads with only HBC

    This is a simple method to install wads when you only have HBC and you don't wish to patch any IOS or install a cIOS.

    Warning: Modifying Wii software can brick your Wii.
    Only install trusted wads, as unkown wads can cause banner bricks.
    Installing Priiloader is a good safety measure.
    Guide here,
    bootmii installs automatically as ios with the new hackmii (0.8), so people just need to run the installer.

    HBC 0.8, Download here or use update feature.

    Download, SD card cboot2.rar

    Backup your sd card, then delete all on SD card. (or use a dedicated SD card for this feature)
    Extract SD card cboot2.rar to SD\
    you should have:
    sd:\bootmii (cboot2)

    then add your channel wad to sd:\wad

    Start HBC channel from System Menu.
    Press Home to launch Bootmii IOS.
    Wad Manager starts.
    Select wad to install.

    credits: mauifrog for all his help.
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    Short and too the point.

    Good one mate.
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