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Thread: Wode Modchip HElp

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    Wode Modchip HElp

    hello im thinking of buying the WODE chip and i allready have my Wii softmodded 4.2u will this effect my Wii if so i have a guide to make it a virgin again i want to know whats better the Wode or Sundriver witch one should i buy and do i have to remove all softmods before i do this i dont want it to brick my wii and i hope the WODE helps pervent it

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    With the WODE you do not need to downgrade your Wii to make it a virgin. Just connect the WODE and away you go. My WODE is connected to a 4.2E Wii and I play what ever games I want. Yes I have installed WODEflow and that helps with out of region games.

    As to which option to purchase, that is up to you and dependant on your needs I guess. The WODE is a simple fix for people who do not want the hassle but some folks like to fiddle all the time with their stuff. The WODE is a install and forget type of deal. You just load and play your games.
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