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Thread: Post Install - Wiikey2

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    The other thread I helped you in you said you had a d2e. Did you pick up a used wii or trade someone? Either way, I'm glad you got it working. It's always exciting when a project comes together, as small as it may be.
    Well what happened is I gave up trying to do points D, E, and F.

    It turns out my friend had a D2B ( I thought it was a G2C sorry! ), so we used my white sticker chip in his Wii, and I'm now waiting for my yellow sticker to show up in the mail.

    You are reading the wrong part of the chip. I think you mean a G2C-D2B which would require a 5-wire. D2C and above requires 9 wire.
    All clear now. I see what you are saying now. My bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
    All clear now. I see what you are saying now. My bad.

    Hey at least you got it sorted with no major drama's!


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