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Thread: DVD drive dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjDavidmChicago View Post
    $60 ebay! You can get a new one! Just make sure it is the same one you got! order the 4 screw driver set too!! It's very easy open the system and change it out, refer to you tube!! If you don't know which it is, use the wii drive generator and put your serial # in and it will tell you!!
    Kool!! I got my Wii on release day.

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    Or just keep your drive and do a laser swap. You can find a new laser lens on ebay for $20 as I just bought one. Since you are opening your wii and taking out the drive already it is just one more step to get to the laser (youtube again).

    That should save you $40 which is conveniently the price of a mod chip. If you are looking for a wiikey 2 I can sell you one for pretty cheap just PM me.

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