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Thread: Sports Resort USA backup "Disc cannot be read"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rafutach View Post
    it's definitely not a bad disk, i've burned it four times on the same dvd-r i use for all my other (working) games. i've even gotten the wii motion plus demonstration video to play once, and a save file was created. this same problem has occurred for many other people as well.
    u got "motion plus demo video" viewed once ? or really played once ?
    without motionPlus, only view is capable.

    Run it NeoGamma or SoftChip, plays flawlessly with proper settings

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    i'm not sure then cuz if it was a mod issue it wouldn't load at all it would either say can't recognize the disk or when you load it, it would goto a black screen right away for some outta region games.

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