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Thread: wiikey 2 .. after ejecting disc drive doesnt work

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    wiikey 2 .. after ejecting disc drive doesnt work

    Hi Guys
    Im new at this so please dont get mad at me. I just got the wiikey v2 installed on my wii and i notice that the drive doesnt work from time to time. I had a guy do it for me and he told me that when this happens i have to take the power off and put it back on. I have to do this every time i switch games. Is this normal ???? everytime i take a disc out wether is a back up or original the next one wont play. Its like if the drive doesnt work , i press the eject button and it doesnt do anything. I have to turn it off and turn it back on all the time if i want to switch games. sorry if this is a stupid question but i dont know if he installed it wrong or if this is normal. thanks

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    I am by no means the definitive expert on this but I had this very issue when I installed my WiiKey 2. What fixed it was updating to firmware v4.0. Hope that helps.

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    i'm at 3.2u system menu and no problems like that with my wiikey2. did you go to wiikey's website download update disc run it then download the config disc and run it and block updates and check other settings.
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