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Thread: I'm getting the wii key 2 soon and I have some questions...

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    I know the anser to this one! If you have 3.3 or higher you can only play wii games that haven't been modified (that means if it's not exactly 4.37 GB it won't work). This means you can't play scrubbed games (games that have reduced file size), brick blocked games (games that have the auto updates removed), etc.

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    You are partly correct. You can't play scrubbed games but the non scrubbed versions are more popular just bigger so getting them shouldn't be an issue. Brick blocked games will still work providing you have the required updated.

    For example if you try and play animal crossing that has been brick blocked, you will get a black screen. This will happen because animal crossing requires an update to 3.4u.

    If you tried to play Mario Kart that was brick blocked it would still work fine.

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