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Thread: WBFS via NAS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyro2010
    Speaking of...

    Just returned the old drive and got a WD 500 GB 3.0, works perfectly. Started to buy a hub for the other drive then realized I could just spend that extra on upgrading from the Toshiba. You get what you pay for...
    And that's why I love Western Digital

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    Quote Originally Posted by isoguy View Post
    And that's why I love Western Digital
    I agree. I have a few WD drives and IMO are the best. Even with my ps3 it seems the WDs are more compatible.

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    Hey there, just wanted to follow up. The WD drive started locking the Wii too but only on first boot. If I restart the system and try again it works fine. I attached a 5" usb 2.0 extension and that solved the problem, for now. The other difference was the Toshiba would hard lock the system, reset would not work where with the WD reset still works. I wonder if it might be my system. Not to shabby considering it's a launch day system.

    Going back to the main topic though, I started thinking about data transfer rates. Sure, Wi-Fi wouldn't compare but with an ethernet adapter it would be capped by usb 2.0 speeds, essentially the same max as a hard drive connected, possibly faster depending on the quality of the hd. Then technically, it's still running through USB so ... I wonder if this would work off the bat.

    Has anyone tried an ethernet to usb adapter? I might pick one up later and see.

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