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Thread: I'm having trouble creating a Nand backup

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    It worked!

    At first it didn't. I tried loading bootmii from priiloader. But it said it couldn't find the ppcboot.elf file. The error message looked like it was trying to find ppcboot.elf in the bootmii folder when ppcboot.elf is actually in the root of the SD card.

    I hope I'm not too premature by celebrating now. But I do see the bootmii screen.

    Thanks a lot for helping me out! Have a great new year!

    It didn't work at first. Until I moved the ppcboot.elf file away from the root directory and into the bootmii folder.

    Thank you very much for your help. I'm glad I chose to mod the Wii this despite my reluctance. Thanks again and have a great new year!
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