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Thread: wad manager not showing up on SD card channel

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    Ca wad manager not showing up on SD card channel

    I have a hardmodded Wii, not too sure what system or cIOS versions I have but the modchip is a DriveKey solderless (2-3 years old) and the wii about 3-4 years old, and has not been updated since I installed it. I'm trying to install some ios's so that I can backup new games I bought, but am not having much luck getting WAD Manager to install.

    What I have tried so far:
    I downloaded wad manager 1.7 and installed a folder called apps and wad. Inside the apps folder I made a folder called WADmanager in which I put boot.dol and the icon and meta. In the wad folder I have the .wad file. When I go to Data Management > SD Card, there are only empty blocks and wad manager doesn't install. I had previously tried How to Install Homebrew Channel, The Easiest Way (3.2) - YouTube to install the home brew channel and the icon shows up (though it won't let me copy the file to system memory), so at least i know that the SD card is read properly by the Wii.

    Does anyone have advice or links to a guide that can finally get new wads installed on my system?

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    uh, softmod any wii guide?


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