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Thread: Should I update from 4.2u?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhorton
    I can't pretend to know enough to tell you if you should or should not, but I can tell you what I did and the results.
    I recently followed the guide to safely upgrade to 4.3u which completed without issues, then I went through the whole softmod guide again to update the cios's to the latest and the newest Wiiflow. Results: With the newer cios I can now play metroid trilolgy properly through its main menu, dead space now has audio, several other games are more stable. I did install the netflix channel and it work. However, I still cannot play Zelda Skyward Sword from the original disk because it still wants to update the system. I have to run in from the usb drive from wiiflow, which is preferable to me anyway. So if it were mine and I could still get into HBC, I would do the same thing - safe update system, reinstall the cios over the top of what's there, rather than trying to fully unmod and start over. Again, just going by my personal experience, i'm no expert.

    Oh, I misread your latest post there, if you can't load the Wii Menu, I don't know.
    The point really is that system menu has nothing to do with playing games. 4.2 and 4.3 were updates to basically just kill Homebrew.

    You can update all your IOS and cIOS to play new games, and still be on 3.0 if you want.

    4.1 is the ideal menu to be on, since it added sdhc support.

    But if the OP wants to fix this problem, post back. We just helped someone fix a brick that could only boot to priiloader, yesterday.

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    That's kind of what I meant but didn't say correctly. I meant I updated my menu and still can't play Zelda from disc, so it didn't help with playing games, but updating the cios's and all did. But if stuff from the shopping channel didn't work before on an older menu, updating did fixed that for me and didn't hurt anything that I can see.

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