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Thread: WBFS Manager for Mac Suddenly Won't Add Games

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    WBFS Manager for Mac Suddenly Won't Add Games

    Hi there. This is my first time posting. My wii was modded about 2 years ago, not by me, and I don't know much about it. Here is what I can tell is on my system:

    Wii version 4.2
    Banner bomb
    WAD Manager 1.5
    Wii Flow
    Homebrew 1.0.6, 10561 v21.19

    I've been downloading torrents via internet, transferring to an external HD through WBFS Manager for Mac.

    All has been working well until now. This is my problem:

    WBFS Manager will recognize and load external HD, but won't add anymore games. I click on "Add ISO" - select iso - progression bar begins but just gets stuck - WBFS Manager and HD freeze. I've tried to add Kirby's Return, How to Kill a Dragon, Rune Factory Frontier, and 2 Resident Evil games. Kirby's Return did add at first, but then froze after title screen. I've since deleted from the HD, now I can't load any games at all.

    The games that exist on the HD still work, although have been freezing alot about a week before this issue. I tried using a different computer (albeit was a Mac) and same problems.

    If this is a HD problem, how can I format a different HD to be recognized by the WBFS Manager for Mac? I've read countless tutorials on WBFS Manager for PC, but can't seem to find much on Mac version. I've tried formatting it to exFAT but WBFS continues to show "no disk mounted." I've read it can be done with USB Loader GX or with WBFS manager on PC; however, I have WiiFlow and don't own a PC. So if there's a way to do it on my Mac or with WiiFlow I'd appreciate the tutorial.

    Thank you!


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    You have failed to read the forum rules. And, beyond that you use a mac. Thread closed.

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