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Thread: First Softmod PAL 4.3e, can I restore in future?

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    The flipside of that is that its nothing short of amazing that you can do anything at all with your console that isnt approved by our friends at Nintendo. Team Twiizers did some BRILLIANT stuff to get bootmii working, and then to get make it useful once Nintendo fixed the boot1 bug.

    If you're obsessed with this, find an old boot2/bootmii compatible wii. The vast majority of our users, using common sense, do well with bootmii/ios consoles.

    And if you want to follow youtube videos, we're going to tell you to go there for support. Generally they're a recipe for fail. There are a bunch of very experienced people here who try to assist others in getting the most out of this console. You never know what you're getting on the youtubes.


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    I think the value and functionality that is gained from softmodding the wii is marvelous. I'm very thankful for all the work thats been put into it.

    And at such a low cost its still stands up as an excellent console. Will be doing mine shortly despite voiding the warrantee.

    I think console manufacturers are becoming more aware and accepting that people want to be able to do more than is possible straight out of the box with homebrew. For example some of the uses for the x-box kinect away from the console are fascinating.

    But I wonder why they introduced the boot2 fix, I guess to discourage swapping or experimenting with entire nand backups?


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