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Thread: USB Loader GX 4.3u freezes (always) and/or "hacks_hash.ini"

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    USB Loader GX 4.3u freezes (always) and/or "hacks_hash.ini"

    I made a status yesterday, and I posted the wrong idea(s) of what I needed help with. I now have more information after fooling around with my wii than I did yesterday.

    My wii: System 4.3u
    Followed: Mauifrog's 4.3u guide (2-3 days ago; can't really remember)
    My external hard drive: Western Digital (WD Logo) Terabyte (1,000 GBs); plugged into left port while facing front of wii system

    I also want to know what "hacks_hash.ini" file I should use. The one that came in Mauifrog's tut didn't work for some odd reason, because now when I plug in "Mario Kart Wii" into the disk drive (My own copy, btw), it states "Needs disc update", but I know with common sense that if I click that update, something bad could possibly happen. YES, I have a NAND key back-up, just in case if my Wii *does* get bricked. But I really dont want to take that chance because, well, I'm a noobie! :P

    So I'm asking is this, and it's been pestering me for two days now.
    1) Why does my USB Loader GX freeze up on the "Initialize USB device" and/or "Waiting for slow HDD....30 secs left"?
    2) What file of "hacks_hash.ini" should I download? I've googled it, found some source-coding, and needless to say, I'm a hopeless programmer. Haha. I took programming back in the tenth grade, but I've forgotten quite a lot since then and now.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    Here's my syscheck too:


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