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Thread: max sd card size wii will read?

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    Does Priiloader work safely with SDHC and 4.x? I haven't put an SDHC card in my Wii since February 2010. Also, what is the best supported sdhc card for Wii? I've been thinking about getting my hands on an SDHC card.

    Quote Originally Posted by cjizzle View Post
    I should have clarified everything when I made that first post...better late than never I guess.
    Yeah, sorry. I guess my brain is just a little slow today. Can't process all that stuff atm, maybe I should overclock but that might cause instability. Wait a minute... why am I referring to my brain like it's a CPU? Anyway, maybe some caffeine or something will help that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EForslin View Post
    Doesn't priiloader store .cfg files in the SD card?

    Anyway, every SDHC card I've owned doesn't workfor my Wii. Coincidentally, Every SDHC card I've purchased was purchased with the intent to be used for my Wii. And that sucks, especially the part about the cost of 16 GB sd cards the year Wii began supporting SDHC.

    EDIT: Damn, I mean .ini. Anyway, doesn't Priiloader utilize the SD card by storing files in it?
    are u using sandisk?
    ALot of members on here are saying the sdhc works for them after the softmod...

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    ok im confused there is alot of different information. Before softmod will wii read sdhc and does it depend on if its 4.0+?
    then if i wanna do softmod will priiloader be able to read sdhc

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    Yes it all depends on the firmware of the wii and also the make/model of sdhc card. Initially for the softmod process it should be a 1 or 2gb preferably sandisk but as for later i have many different cards that the wii will read the biggest i have is a kingston 16gb which it reads.

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    Lightbulb 64 G SD - Space to burn.

    Quote Originally Posted by wantboost View Post
    Can the read more than 2gb?

    Since under 2gb is sd and once u go over its sdhc from what i understand how large will the wii read and Does it matter what version my wii is ?

    And is any brand ok or stick with sandisk?

    I realize this thread is very old, however if someone comes across it looking for info then I can only add two things.
    1- I have an SD that is well over 2 gig, so over two gig doesn't put it into the SD class. Its labeled A-Ram SD 64GB.
    2- This card currently successfully runs the following with no errors/DSI exceptions
    * ATD
    *USBLoadergx 3.0
    *Nand Emulation
    *Config. USB

    It also stores and plays a variety of my old roms. Why do this u may ask ? Just to test the limits i spose. Its not like i use three loaders. I have my favs. But its nice to know that there are cards now that can give one these options. As i said, i know this is old, but old info is missleading and in-accurate.
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