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Thread: not able to install WADs in 4.3

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    not able to install WADs in 4.3

    As I said in my intro. post, I stupidly accepted the 4.3 upgrade from Nintendo. Went through all the steps on the SoftMOD any Wii guide from this site. Also tried to downgrade to 4.1, which didn't work. On HBC, each time I try to install WADs, RAWK SD, CIOSREV20v and WADManager start to work, but then the Wiimote loses functionality. When I try to load a file on the HBC page, it takes me to the next page. I get to the point where it says, "Hit A to continue, or B to cancel," but the Wiimote doesn't work anymore. Tried to use the power and reset buttons, but they didn't work either. Are there any work-arounds, or other solutions I need to try? Or is 4.3 just not able to run HBC the way it should?

    I searched the forums for an answer to this issue but didn't find one. I apologize if my question is redundant. tThank you for any help you can offer!

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    Follow the any wii guide in my signature. Your best bet is likely to use letterbomb, but you could try the HBC already installed method. Dont skip any steps.

    Make sure you're using a fat formatted 1 or 2 gig card. If its bigger than that it wont work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BluPhant View Post
    Make sure you're using a fat formatted 1 or 2 gig card. If its bigger than that it wont work.
    But a 4.0+ system will accept a SDHC card up to 32GB. I've use 4GB SDHC on mine and used Multi Mod Manager 13.4 and it works.

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    How about this: it may or may not. It's not an issue with SDHC itself, but rather the applications that seem to have issues. BootMii for example, used to be the most notorious.

    BTW OP: all the crap you mention attempting is NOT part of mauifrog's guide and only illustrates the likely nature of your fails...


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