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Thread: USB Loader GX help needed

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    USB Loader GX help needed

    Im having trouble getting usbloader GX to work on my softmodded 4.2E wii. I couldnt get usbloader gx to work, only getting the black screen when I tried to start it. I then realised that I needed a forwarder so I downloaed "usbloader GX-UNEO_Forwarder_4_0_ah"! Im trying to instal it but keep getting this message:

    *installing 1/1: USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder_4_0_AHBPROT.wad-ticket (2011)

    [#] Final Status- 1 did not complete

    Any help with this will be very much apreciated (as always guys) thanks in advance

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    Have a look at this,

    I have recently used this guide, I'm sure you will get it sorted, It worked for me. I'm a CFG fan. Fell out with GX long time ago rev815. so I removed it all a long time ago. But now GX 2.2 is available all is now working very well. Good luck.

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