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Thread: Updating and Fixing my Softmodded Wii

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    Yes. It does everything. One stop shopping. Dont skip the NAND backup step.

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    Cool... took me a while..After runnign all the guide... i updated all the IOS and installed a bunch of wads...
    at the end , reformatted my SD and i had my app Pack installed on SD...
    Rebooted and I saw my old USB Loader GX was still on my channel listing, clicked on it thinking it will run but it did a crash dump.... i figured it was too outdated to run...

    so i tried running the Configurable USB Loader instead, it ran but it didnt detect any games from my USB?! I couldnt figure out how to make it detect it...
    Do I need to do anything special for it to detect the games on my USB ?

    In the meantime, i went to download the latest USB Loader GX... and this one works fine when i load it through the HBC... it detects my USB and the games

    So now i was trying to get it installed on my Channel list so that I do not have to go through HBC. Since I remembered in one of the step, i can access the App Manager by opening the MMM to load up the Wad Manager ...but to get there i needed to run the MM in the HBC. It froze when doing it this way..

    SO I didnt despair, i tried the HOME short cut in HBC and launch bootmii from there same freezes....SO I'm stuck... Why can't I access BootMii?

    Once i get BootMii, i can probably access the Wad Manager to install the USBLoader GX ..

    Thanks for your help

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