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Thread: Fatal Frame 4: SD card problems

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    Question Fatal Frame 4: SD card problems

    So I just got my Japanese copy of Fatal Frame 4 in the mail today so I way super happy to get it up and running on my Wii. I followed all the steps to patching it (as found here How to Use) and yet I'm having problems with it. When I go run the boot file again (to get to the screen with the words "Mounting USB SD...") I get the message "Please insert an SD card...". I have tried re downloading all the files on a different computer and still I have no success. Can anyone help?My Wii is V4.2U with no internet connection (I had to download an extra patch to make it so it could download it offline)

    Edit: To clear more things up. I know for a fact the SD card is in fact in the Wii...other wise i wouldn't have got that far.
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