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Thread: Re-hack a Wii 4.2

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    Question Re-hack a Wii 4.2


    I've an original Wii 4.2U, that I've bought two years ago.

    I've hacked it to play my backups of games, but some of my backups don't run correctly on my Wii... and run correctly on the Wii of a friend!

    Thus I think I did something wrong during the Wii hack process.
    Therefore I would like to resolve this problem to be able to play all my backups.

    Which way would you advise me to follow?

    - restart the 4.2 full hack process from first step,

    - upgrade to 4.3U and start a complet hack process for 4.3U (I've hacked a Red Wii 4.3U of a friend and all runs correctly),

    - I just have find the soft SysCheck (link), which check and patch the Wii iOS, do you think it can resolve my problems?

    Thanks a lot for your advice

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    I would just restart the entire soft-modding process with this guide by mauifrog. It works great and has never caused me any troubles!


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