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Thread: Can I get a hand Please!

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    Can I get a hand Please!

    Korean WII was updated and now Bricked with the 003 message.

    What I know about it, was that homebrew was installed. I've read the various how to guides however nothing seems to be WORKING. I can't get by the 003 message with GC. I've already downloaded several boot configurations and created the SD stick format instructed and still no luck. Even went out and bought a SAN 2gb stick for this (Standard SD)

    I'd prefer helpful comments rather than snide remarks or mod's attempting to worry about their forum environment and spouting off rather than helping me resolve this. As indicated in prior threads, this is new to me. Cheaper and less headache to throw the dang wii away and go get another device. Remember, you were there once upon a time too.

    1. Is the USB or SD slots bootable by default?
    2. Is there something I am suppose to trigger to get the USB or SD stick recognized as bootable? Does someone have a USB image or otherwise thats can be used?
    3. If the device is a korean unit, what region should I assume when attempting to find a mario kart or smash brothers Game?

    My primary driver here is that I've followed the instruction, however seem to get no movement forward in regards to booting to fix device.

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