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Thread: soft modded wii wont load games, please help

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    soft modded wii wont load games, please help

    hello all, i just had my wii softmodded by someone because i didnt have any of the games necessary to run the softmod myself, my wii recognizes the hardrive, all of the games, etc.. i have a sega channel, nintendo (super, 64, wii etc). when i go into one of these channels, hard drive for instance and try to run a game my wii says booting game please wait, and never opens the game, what could i be doing wrong? any help is appreciated

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    Hi unclefly, I can help you a little if you give some more info. I see you are a new member, If you introduced yourself you will have been contacted, and welcomed to the site by one of the moderators, If no then please do. You will get a nice welcome with links to everything Wii related, You can read all about how to solve your problem, Then If need be come back and maybe specify a particular issue, You may want to read Some tutorials and completely mod yourself, Helps you understand what you are trying to achieve,

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    Look for a usb loader channel ie-gx loader...cfg loader...neogamma,launch 1 of those pick your game from hdd and start it and hopefully that'll get them working.Some games run off diff ios's so depending what game won't load in any of the above loaders,u may need to change the ios for that particular game in the loader settings,so check out the 'game playing issues' threads on here.
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