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Thread: i cant load my backups via usb dvd or sd/sdhc pls help

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    i cant load my backups via usb dvd or sd/sdhc pls help

    im having trouble here i dunno if my wii just doesnt read the cards or isnt compatible...
    i have a sandisk micro sd adapter with an 8gb sandisk micro sd card(says hc on it dont know wat that is) and a 4gb hp flash drive

    i used the wbfs manager to format them and added the following games alternatively to see if it was just a bad file but neogamma r8 has trouble mounting the device it mounted once with sonic colors but after that im having one hell of a hard time tryna get this to work

    someone pls help the softmodding tutorial was successful
    but ive been stuck for almost two straight days trying to fix it myself searching through google but no luck...

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    Your SD and USB might not be compatible. I would try formatting loading your games via fat32


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