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Thread: totally lost need help please

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    totally lost need help please

    Brian im new and am trying to ask for help and each time i cant get anywhere cause you close the thread im sorry biut im new and need help. i dont understand what you are trying to tell me to do. i have read the guide by maulfrog more than 3 times. the first thing it says to do is load hackmi installer after formatting sd card. is the hackmifile the file located within the 4.3u exploit list? do i have to get one of the games to load this hackmi file hackmi 0.8 ip ss bb2zip ?????? so for example i have to get a indiana jones game or one of the othe games listed and follow the instructions under the exploit to load the hackmi file? ???? does home brew and bootmi automatically load onto wii after following instructions for 4.3u exploit ????? the guide says read scam warning press 1 are the talking about pressing 1 on remote??? can someone please let me know how screwed up i am or am i totally lost?

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    Sounds like you need to read a couple more times..... that is all - and take ur time.... everything is in the guide that u need....

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    II. Posting Rules and Guidelines

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    Your questions about the guide should be asked in the guide thread, I am pretty sure you have been told that at least once already. That is why your threads get closed. Take Emuhack's advice and read the guide a few times and proceed slowly. If you have any questions about anything in the guide, ask in the guide thread. You could even read through some of the post in the guide, you may be enlightened that way as well. Now it is my turn to close your thread........stick to the guide thread!


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