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Thread: getting back into the scene since 2007 - need help with getting up to speed

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    getting back into the scene since 2007 - need help with getting up to speed

    Hi, I used to have a hard modded wii back in 2007 and I used to have to burn all my backups to dvd.

    I moved to china in 2008 and left that old wii with a friend.

    I recently bought a new wii that is soft modded and they gave me a 500gb harddrive full of games. Great!, but 90% of them are in chinese or japanese!!

    I'd like to pimp out my wii and have it playing wiiware and english wii games from the 500gb hard drive (as well as know how to add channels) but it seems there is a ridiculous amount of reading to get back up to speed.

    My wii system is 4.0U

    Can anyone help to get me back up to speed without suggesting I read the entire website trying to glean snippets of information at a time.

    I have already spent an hour looking over this forum and previously devoted a few hours searching elsewhere; but i can't find any straight forward answers.

    1. how to convert isos to WBFS (and can i use already scrubbed isos to convert to WBFS?)

    2. How do you add wiiware?

    3. How to add channels properly and what are the best channels? (I have "mplayer" but it doesn't work, I have 2x homebrew channels but don't know which one is the correct one....I have 2x "CFG" channels and was told to only use 1.... as usual the chinese guys in these shops do a terrible job of setting you up and explaining things..)

    I'm praying for a quick fix solution; but have an inkling that things would have been a lot faster to do the whole thing myself from scratch.

    Can I rescue this mess easily and without reading 20 novels worth of information about what happened in the scene since I stopped tinkering back in 2007?

    Thanks in advance


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    you should introduce yourself and you will get a load of links to helpful guides

    and read the rules wiihacks doesnt support piracy Rules
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    Introduce yourself and you will be given plenty of useful links. Reading is the key.
    Look at the mod any wii guide and that should sort you out.
    Check out the fat32 guide for your hdd and all is explained in there for iso --> wbfs conversion etc.

    Adding Wiware - You buy it from the shop channel. Piracy is not a skill...

    Sorry just re read your post - Having a hdd with games that you have not put on there ie you buying it with the games on it is known as PIRACY due to the fact that you do not own the originals...

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