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Thread: Please Help this newbie...

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    Please Help this newbie...

    Ok so I have successfully softmodded my 4.3U wii with no issues (using a sd card)
    I have now changed to a hdd (seagate 320g) to use with my backup games etc.

    I have made the two partitions on my hdd (fat32 and wbfs) My issues is: To play backed up games do i need anything else besides the files for the games on my hdd?
    Where does wiiflow come in? Apps Folder?
    Just need to know what the HDD should look like.

    This is the only part I am stuck on.

    I have been looking and looking for the last week for forum info and cant find anything, so if you can give me info/links to figure this out that would be awesome. Thanks soooo much.
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