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Thread: Using USB

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    Cool Using USB

    I just want to make sure I have these steps accurate. I want to load games through my external harddrive. It's my understanding that I have to do the steps in soft modding my wii in order to that. Here's what Ive figured out:

    1)Do the steps in order to protect my wii from failing/bricking

    2)Determine which version of the wii I have and then follow the steps in soft modding for that specific version

    3)This is where I get a little lost (if not lost already). Not 100% sure how to determine what my external harddrive is (FAT32, WBFS, etc). I assume I just extract the files from the .iso I downloaded directly into the external harddrive? Also, if I already have other files on my external, will I/should I delete those files? I know I might have to do some partitioning from what Ive read on some other posts.

    Will definitely appreciate anyone's help. This is pretty general, Im just trying to get all the steps in order since all the information Ive read is pretty spread apart. Dont expect anyone to walk me through it step by step so if there is a post/tutorial Ive missed just point me to it! Thanks in advance!

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    Fail!!! Read the rules! We do not support (PIRACY) on this site. Good luck!


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