look, im really sorry if im going the wrong way about everything here but I just REALLY don't want to brick my wii, I bought it for my little boy and figured it would be beneficial to softmod it , but its becoming quite confusing now!!

I looked at the softmod any wii guide, downloaded the mmm-58-61_Hackmii_0.8_BB1.zip to my SD card, inserted it into my wii and loaded it up through boot.dol. Multi-Mod-Manager loaded up and I went to Install all Wads..

Still! no joy. ITs told me that the two ISO's.. (58 & 61) did not complete.. eurgh.
Sorry.. if anyone can help (and use Laymans terms!) then please do!

sorry guys, I appreciate everything you're doing to try and help! shame my wii is so messed up :-/