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Thread: Safe to install wad files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkcide666 View Post
    If they are official they are safe and usually region free.

    Any WAD install can fail or cause problems regional or not.
    Oh thats cool so if wads can be region free thats all I needed to know really so any wad that is regional would probably say it.

    And I know about wads being dangerous I was just a little nervous since I'm running a European Wii I thought maybe if I saw a load of good comments about a wad that they might all be Americans and I'd go run it and brick my Wii.

    Just me being paranoid I guess. Thanks for all the help guys learning so much here

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    A load of good comments about a wad. Im not sure what you are talking about? or is it because you are just trying to skate round a certain topic......

    Ok thread closed
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