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Thread: Running 4.3U and I need advice

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    Running 4.3U and I need advice

    I have an older wii running SM 4.3U and all I want more out of my wii is to play DVD's, (want it in my daughters room, but for this I must remove DVD player or DirecTv receiver and she wont let that go) so I need to make my Wii play dvd's... I know I can do it through homebrew, but want to weigh my options first....I know it says dont upgrade to 4.3 which mine is, but absolutely have no idea how it got there because I havent used my wii in iunno 2 yrs at least... either way, this is what I need to know...
    what is a softmod?, can I use this for 4.3 to watch a dvd?
    would it be best to downgrade to 4.2? to use the SM exploit?
    If I do exploit my Wii, what does it prevent me from doing? online gameplay? Netflix?
    I guess as Wii Modding experts, what is your opinions, what would you do??

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    If your wii is an older wii it's possable to play DVDs to softmod your 4.3 wii you need 1 of the listed games in the guide you will get an option to downgrade to 4.1 not 4.2 as 4.1is th systemenu to be on you will still be able to use netflix aswell and the shopping channel and play online. Never accept a update from Nintendo . I. The guide you will install priiloader that will block disc and online updates

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