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Thread: Wii Newbie's Quick Question.

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    Question Wii Newbie's Quick Question.

    Hello WiiHacks community! Here are some information about my Wii:
    Wii Version: Korea v4.3U (The store where we bought it said that it was already modified to read U.S. version games, but limited only to original games.)
    Channels: Configurable USB Loader v60, LoadMii - These came pre-installed.

    I just have a problem installing the cIOS 223. My configurable USB Loader uses iOS 222 but when I choose 223 to run Rock Band 2 in my hard drive, it says that 223 is stubbed. I googled how to install cIOS's but it all had something to do with the Homebrew Channel, which my wii doesn't have (I read that it's blocked for this version so I'm just working with what I have). I followed this guide:NO EXTERNAL GUIDE LINKS and tried the v4 procedure, started LoadMii but when I choose to install iOS 223, the remote just turns off and it was stuck on the same screen where it says to choose IOS to install. I had to turn off the power from the Wii itself. Can someone help me please? I'm kinda at the end of my rope. Thank you!
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    follow the softmod any wii guide in my signature to get softmodded and up and running.

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