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Thread: [HELP] Getting Started with WiiHacks.

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    Question [HELP] Getting Started with WiiHacks.

    Hi there, i have been reading some post to see if i get a clue so i could get started. First as the sticky post say it, i will share some info about my wii.
    The Wii has a RVL-001(USA) model number and is produced for Canada/Mexico/USA. The copyright year is 2006. There is a 100% chance the chipset is GC2-D2C (v1).
    I have a modchip, the one called WASABI (i read the post "Modchip Identification" and i think thats is the plain one, the one that needs " Only 9 wires on D2C (only 3 of them soldered to pin/via)").
    And the console have the firmware Version 3.4U
    Thats all i know about my console, i have never install any software (no homebrew or Cios), and now i would like to play Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Return, and the new Super Marios Bros Wii.

    With my chip (WASABI) i have never got a problem with the games, the last game i play with my WII was Mario Power Tennis, all this without making any software modification to my console. But now that i would like to play those games (SMG2, DKCR, NSMBWii) i think that i will have to make some changes.

    I have been reading a lot of post, but there are a lot of guides and i dont know which one is the one that i should read to play thats games. Thats why i would like some help from you guys if u can tell me the correct one, or where i should start.

    Im very new with these "Wii Hacks", i dont know if it could help, but i have Zelda Twilight Princess ( i remember that some time ago we need that for modding, something about some Zelda hack or somehting like that).

    Well, thats all, thanks in advanced and im sorry for my english, its not my language.

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    This would be a good place to start,i know you say youve done some reading but if you introduce yourself you will get some helpful information and this is a good guide for you to read it works on ANY wii


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