I'd like to mod my wii (both from amazon in the UK) but I cannot understand what drive I've got, please can you help me ?
I've checked on wii drives and according to my serial I get 4 possible drives, so it isn't the right road to follow in order to determine the drive.
I'm pretty sure that I haven't got the chip (so it's a "nothing" drive), so I guess I can only install solderless mods.
And I've got a blank chip, with nothing written on it, as in the photo taken from wii drives.
And the serial on the drive board starts with an E.

So, as you can see in this text from wii drives

DVD drive: D3 - Identification text on top of large D3 chip is missing In mid-2009 machines coming back from repairs in Canada, Netherlands, and Korea had a new D3/D2Nothing revision. None of the current drive-keys would work. The drive is identical the to first D3/D2Nothing, only way to seperate the two is to look at the top of the large D3 chip and if the chip is completely blank it's the new D3-2. Earlier it could be identified by checking the serial number on drive circuit board and if it started with a F it was the new D3-2..

If it starts with an "F" it's the new D3-2, else if it starts with an "E" it's the first revision.

probably my drive is a D3 or a D3v2

but I cannot understand from the text, I think it was written from a non-english person.
Please can you help me ?