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Thread: EA Sports Active 2 - Won't load from disc channel...

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    Unhappy EA Sports Active 2 - Won't load from disc channel...


    I have two soft-mod PAL Wii's with the same problem. One has menu 3.2E, the other 4.1E. Both have Neo Gamma R8 installed and play both NSMB and DKR from DVD fine.

    EA Sports Active 2 original genuine disc will not load from the disc channel. No error, the screen just goes black and the console is unresponsive. If I hold the power button for 4 seconds then I can turn it off and restart.

    If I launch the same original disc from Neo Gamma then it loads but the DVD drive can be heard to be working very hard. It's exactly the same if I use a backup of the same game [We don't care]

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I wouldnt advertise the fact that you downloaded a game or where you got it from...EA sports active 2 prompts for an update.Priiloader may be preventing you from running it.Have you tried usb loading?

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    He needs to update an IOS. I don't know what IOS it uses, but it's fairly recent so it probably uses one in the 50's. Either use MMM to update, or follow Update All Your IOS's.
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