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Last week I bought a 3TB external HDD. WD My Book Essential USB 3.0 + 2.0. After partitioning it, I couldn't get WBFS Manager to load or format it. When trying to backup discs on my wii I could format the partition and load the discs. I used CFG Loader v67 They worked and I could play them, however WBFS Manager didn't work still. I tried WiiBackupManager and that has been working nicely. I have some problems with some homebrew crashing/not recognizing like WiiXplorer, Homebrew Browser. If I unplug the HDD, they load like normal.
The problem with what you are attempting is that the WD MY Book Essential is not simply just a HDD with a sata - USB connector
; the My book is a sata HDD to logic board with software in between the usb and sata connection: I have not done a ton of wii hacking mind you, but I have done in the neighborhood of 12 or more and consistiantly when there has been HDD problems it has been due to the full size External drives that are marketed for "backup" WD in particular is a pain for this. I find always using the 2.5in form factor I.E. Laptop drives to be much more friendly for this process.. Also just incase anyone is wondering I use a USB 3.0/2.0 2tb drive on my Wii and it works in CFG and not in GX Black Wii 2011 build year.