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Thread: USB Loader Forwarder not working

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    USB Loader Forwarder not working

    I used mauifrog Softmod ANY Wii guide. Was on 3.4U and used bannerbomb v1 and then updated to 4.1. I am using an external hard drive with three partitions. The first is for the WBFS and the other two are FAT 32. I am able to launch Configure USB Loader and USB Loader GX using the homebrew channel. However configure usb loader forwarder channel is not working, get error couldn't open file press any button to reboot, and usb loader gx just restarts back to the wii menu. I used the Multi-Mod Manager to install the Forwarder channel for both loaders. So I deleted the Loader GX channel using the wii settings and use WAD Manager 1.7 to specify that the forwarder was coming from an external hard drive since originally I used the SD card to install it, but still no luck. I read around different threads that I could try a different forwarder for the Configure Loader to solve the problem. I also read in another thread that I need to start fresh and delete everything relating to the Loader. Can I just go into wii settings and delete the channel or do I need to use the wad manager to uninstall it. Also I have updated USB Loader GX to the newest revision. Thank you in advance for any help.

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    either deletion or uninstall will work. i personally prefer to apply wad-mgr.

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    Why do you have 3 partitions? Format the whole drive as fat32, no need for wbfs anymore. You can delete the channel through data management. I like to use wad manager to uninstall a wad that I installed.


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