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Thread: Wiimc forwarder / how do forwarders work?

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    Wiimc forwarder / how do forwarders work?

    I have successfully installed a forwarder for USB Loader gx - it was pretty easy (isn't everything when you know how?), using the wad manager to install the wad. I would really like to install one for wiimc too, but am failing... I've found a few .wads on various sites, but they all blank screen (I wait maybe 5 minutes before rebooting the wii). One is "WiiMC forwarder 1.6 wad.rar". They install OK and I get the nice wiimc logo appearing to be a new channel, but no joy when I click it. WiiMC Downloads doesn't seem to have a forwarder, only a channel which (from what I have read about such things) is not my preferred option. Can't help thinking I must be missing the obvious, would be appreciative if someone could tell me what that is!

    Are all forwarders .wad files? If not, what are the other sorts and how to they work?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Forwarders are basically shortcuts on your PC's desktop. They don't have the app in them, they just search in a specific place (or sometimes places) for the boot.dol file.

    The /dol files you found on WiiMC are the official installers. Just run the latest one to install the channel. It's the same thing as downloading a wad and installing it with a wad manager.
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