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Thread: Help needed, newbiew here

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    Help needed, newbiew here

    hi bros,

    I am new to wii and had tried to softmood it myself. my wii is 4.0u version and after i installed the homebrew channel i cannot get the iso drowgrader started and i cannot run games from the disc drive. I was scared and went to do a wii update a serious mistake and after that tired to install some files forgotten what files i tried to installed but when i restart my wii i cannot even get it so start but i can go to the homebrew channel.

    if there anyway i can format my wii or is there any help ayone can help me, i cannot play my wii at all now.

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    oi, that method is kind of outdated anyways.
    so where are you booting to right now? bootmii? where you can select hbc to load?
    format or virginizing is not the way to go. i can recommend you the softmod any wii guide, link below, start it with its option "hbc already present". run it through and do the upgrade to 4.1 (or downgrade to 4.1 if you accidently updated to 4.3 already) to ensure you have a proper systemmenu and its IOS installed on your wii.
    report back when you run it through without errors.
    good luck for now

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