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Thread: Guitar Hero WOR / 6 Occasional freezing

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    Question Guitar Hero WOR / 6 Occasional freezing

    I seem to have an abnormal problem with my Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, in which it won't let me do some things like...

    When I start the game I have to button-mash green / A to get it to start, because sometimes it won't work if I don't.
    When I lose, and I wait for 1 second, it freezes.
    When I go into the character creator twice, it freezes.
    When I access the store, it freezes.
    When I pause in the middle of a song, it freezes.

    The reason it bothers me is because it happens with EVERY Guitar Hero I get. It didn't work on PAL and 2 NTSC-U('s?) I'm on a 4.2 wii, I just recently used Pimpmywii to update and fix some issues (including a blackscreened Guitar Hero), and I'm on Rev19 or 20, not sure. Any help?

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    Krank's got a guide for this; why don't you try following it. Then if questions, post in said guide. Creating an extraneous thread is unnecessary.


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