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Thread: Can I restore a soft modded 4.2U NAND to another console?

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    Can I restore a soft modded 4.2U NAND to another console?

    I did a few searches and came up emtpy, but I just wanted to know if it were possible to make a backup of my current NAND (NTSC 4.2U softmod with Priiloader, NetFlix channel update and able to play COD Black Ops) and restore it on my friend's 4.2U Wii console?

    I'm just looking for a shortcut, bc as we all know, its a lengthy process from scratch. If I have to start from scratch then so be it... Or maybe I have it all wrong and the NAND is just an original "virgin" thing only?

    I would obviously make a backup of his original NAND before doing aynthing as recommended, but I thought it would be worth a try to ask and see if anyone has ever done it successfully?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question
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    You can only use it on your Wii. A NAND backup can't be installed on another console or anything


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