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Thread: Playing backup discs on your Black wii

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    Personally I think that if it were possible it woudnt happen anyways. The people who would have the skills to figure out a way regardless of price or equipment needed to do so, just wouldn't do it. You are talking about figuring a way for pirates to copy absolutely anything for any system and being able to sell/share/give away what they make and have it work on any sytsem that the original is designed for without modification. So is is possible? Yes, theoretically it is possible. Will you ever be able to just pop a game in your computer and copy it and put it in any Wii and have it play? NO I could go on but I think I have made my basic point here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Webdrifter View Post
    I respect your input. You at least care to take the effort. But .... stating that it cannot be done because nobody has done it before doesn't come as a logical argument to me.
    Sounds more like telling people it is impossible to fly looking at the sky watching the birds fly over.

    Would the human race ever have invented anything with that attitude? Would we ever have hacked a wii with that attitude? I'm an engineer guys like me all over the world have created the imppossible over and over again. that's where progress comes from.

    Don't throw your towel in the ring just because you don't have the answer. Keep asking questions and keep searching for answers. And than maybe we will also solve this one
    Okay but look at it from a hackers perspective. There are many amazing things you can do with a piece of technology but you have to work within your technical limitations. You aren't going to reinvent the wheel but you may find other uses for it. Nobody has the time, money, or resources to reverse engineer large industrial burning equipment they don't have access to. And then you have to deal with finding a source for the special discs. Like I said the format has been around for a decade and even the large pirate hot beds like Hong Kong where everything is bootlegged, duplicated, and copied haven't even been able to do it.
    "Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help." - Eric S. Raymond

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