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Thread: Priiloader and internet?

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    Priiloader and internet?

    Finally got my HBC updated 1.08,got priiloader .6 installed and working. Enabled block online and disc updates. saved settings. Ck'd with Beatles rock band, which always said system update in disc channel. It's now able to play through disc channel without asking to udate.

    My question is when I set -up my internet connection,will i still be asked to update? or will that not appear? If it does do i click up date or not? system menu 4.2 if that matters.
    I read alot of posts and guides on this site to get this to work. Thanks alot to everyone.

    I have searched and read untill my eyes are getting blury for this answer, sure it's there somewhere? Just can't find it...

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    Do not update if the wii asks! Priiloader will block it if you accidentally select yes. If a channel is asking for an update like the shopping channel, there is a guide on how to update it using 2 .wads. When you first create a network connection it will ask to update.

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    if you try an internet connection or try connect to another network and it askes you to update just click no but if you click yes and you have the hacks set it will give error that means the hack has blocked the update
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