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Thread: Wii freezes

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    Wii freezes


    I hacked my wii about 3 years ago and i kinda stopped playing it for a while. After awhile i decided wanted to play my wii again. I forgot to install bootmii the first time around so i decided to install bootmii now and I did the boot2 thing. I installed a couple of homebrews and i left it as it is. The next morning when i went turn on the wii it just gave me a black screen. With repeated restarts i finally managed to get it boot up showing the bootmii menu. I clicked the wii icon and everything became fine. However i noticed that the following problems have occured:
    1)everytime I start bootmii in the homebrew channel it just gives me a blackscreen with repeated blue pulses from the dvd bay
    2) my wii takes repeated restart to turn on and sometimes freezes attempting to return to the wii menu from homebrews and games.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Introduce yourself

    and you will be helped then try posting in the bricked wii section

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