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Thread: Just need to know i am Good

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    Angry Just need to know i am Good

    i just need a little assurance that i am on the right track here.
    first i will say that i have only ever modded 1 wii, my issues runs great..etc.

    anyhow my issue is that i have received a wii from a friend. he got it softmodded from someone else. he thought he could just delete everything and it wouldnt be softmodded (which i find ridiculous because modded wiis are epic) regardless i know he deleted everything, and he deleted the sd card as well. also i know he had the homebrew channel, and neogamma on there, but that is all i know of it. i do not now what process he used to mod it either.

    basically i want to know if i follow this tutorial :

    will this put everything right? i just want to get it back to its softmodded state again.

    thanks in advance for the help
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    That guide covers just about every softmod, so yeah.

    You should Introduce Yourself before doing anything else. A mod will reply with a bunch of helpful links.
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